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Advanced orthopedic solutions

What is orthotics?


Orthotics is a specialty within the orthopedic field concerned with the design, manufacturing and fitting of an orthosis, also known as an orthotic.

An orthosis or orthotic is an applied device used to modify functional and structural abnormalities of the neuromuscular and skeletal system, without surgery. Orthosis devices can include, insoles, splints, braces, and other various support devices. 

Orthotics combines the fields of anatomy, biomechanics and engineering to produce a unique orthosis.  An orthotist is the primary medical clinician responsible for the manufacturing and fitting of the orthosis.

How does an orthosis work?

A custom made orthosis is a device designed to realign a skeletal structure to the most anatomically efficient position. For example, an insole orthotic is custom made to correct a specific foot imbalance whether it be high arches or flat feet. Similarly, a scoliosis brace is custom made to redirect and prevent progression of abnormal curvature of the spine.

An orthosis can be used for various orthopedic goals:

  • to immobilize or limit an extremity or joint

  • to reduce weight bearing forces

  • to protect and support an injury or deformity

  • to assist in rehabilitation after a fracture

  • to reshape biomechanical alignment


In turn, this can help eliminate pain, increase mobility, correct abnormalities, and increase independence and daily function.

Who is right for an orthosis?

An orthosis can be right for any of the following referrals:

  • difficulty walking

  • joint pain

  • cerebral palsy

  • ALS

  • scolioisis

  • a stroke 

  • spinal chord injury  

  • to optimize performance in sports 

  • to increase daily comfort

I need an orthosis, now what? 

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